For at-home use

Airless container, 200 ml



Post laser and IPL hair removal body cream, based on epidermal growth factors and active ingredients that moisturize, repair, illuminate, and improve skin integrity. It promotes natural renewal and helps eliminate all types of hair, complementing the treatment performed by the professional at the center. Contains SPF 30 sun protection factor.


For all skin types, sensitive skin, and high phototypes.



Apply to the treated area for 10 days after the professional treatment.



Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF): The skin’s fountain of youth improves skin integrity and protection. Favors natural renewal to ensure it is smooth and hydrated. Additionally, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmness, elasticity, luminosity, and fewer wrinkles. EGF is encapsulated to prevent degradation and ensure penetration and efficacy.
Vitamin C: Excellent antioxidant that also enhances collagen production. This active ingredient is a great depigmenting and whitening agent as it inhibits melanin formation. The result is brighter and clearer skin.
Vitamin B5: Helps the skin stay smooth, supple, and healthy. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that aids in stimulating skin healing processes. It is deeply moisturizing, helping to keep the skin hydrated by absorbing moisture from the air.
Aloe Vera: Moisturizing, cell regenerating, healing, and high-penetration toner for the skin. Thanks to the action of natural nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes, it becomes a stimulating agent for the production of epithelial cells.
Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract: Active ingredient with the selective destruction of hair follicle germ cells. It does not affect other dermal cells like other actives do and ensures increasingly longer intervals between hair removals and progressive weakening and disappearance of hair. Additionally, it provides a soothing effect on the skin after depilation.
MARSturizer™: An active ingredient that regenerates, repairs, increases skin firmness and elasticity. It also increases hydration and reduces transepidermal water loss by strengthening the skin barrier through increased expression of genes related to lipids and the stratum corneum.
SPF 30: Known physical filter, with a high refractive index against UVA-UVB rays. It has a submicroscopic or micronized size that is imperceptible when applied to the skin. The size and uniformity of the particles are key to its photoprotective effectiveness, being photo-stable and safe.

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